Communication can flow as smoothly as music

Music, Maestro! Feel free to use that line anytime. Music earns people’s attention quickly, flows through huge crowds, connecting hearts and minds along the way. An audience will be struck by a wave and moved to take action, even if it means just nodding their heads. What if communication had that kind of impact on people? And what if your message would get stuck inside of people’s heads like that catchy tune you just can’t seem to shake? Well, that is Maestro Communication’s ambition.


My Work

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What I Do

The world is interconnected, so are these categories. Welcome to my world.


Strategy kicks off with research. It’s about coming to terms with the status quo and processing enough information to have a scope of the situation. That information needs to be structured, and it’s a good starting point to gain knowledge of your internal strengths and weaknesses as well as external threats and opportunities. I may be an outsider at first, but that may also just be your most valuable perspective – after all – you’re mostly communicating to outsiders as well. The last charming bit is setting those hairy or not-so-hairy-goals.

  • Research
  • SWOT
  • Positioning
  • Goal setting


I believe strongly that there’s a good story to just about anything. Finding that story is fundamental to any success, and conveying that story is equally important. Your story is your identity and image; it’s about where you’ve been and where you want to go. The world is full of channels and ways to be seen and heard. It’s about making choices and adapting your story dynamically to each channel. It’s about teasing and enticing, creating true value and moving your audience along with your goals. Indifference is your worst enemy, not those unexpected moves.

  • Stories
  • Profiling
  • PR
  • Content


A story can be even more powerful, if it’s part of a great concept. Or a concept can be even more powerful… yeah, you probably get the picture. If the story is the driver, the concept is the vehicle. All of a sudden your story has more momentum, mobility and driving force. It’s about reaching, triggering and engaging your audience in different spaces, in different channels, on different platforms – simultaneously or not. Together we can find the right tools, integrate them and launch them with the right timing in mind.

  • Campaigns
  • Events
  • Viral effects
  • Interaction


There is in fact a creative touch to translation. A foreign audience have different cultural references than a Norwegian audience, and different languages captures different nuances of phenomenons or emotions. There are even words in the english language with no Norwegian eqivalent. The remedy is re-writing and re-organizing your message to fit the Norwegian language and culture. The result is an audience able to receive, understand and feel the same way about your message as they would natively.

  • Adaptation
  • Editing
  • Translation
  • Creation

The Process

It can be loopy, it can be linear.

  • Research

    Great insights leads to great solutions

  • Strategy

    You will need a map before entering the terrain

  • Development

    Elements from the past combined with elements of the future

  • Launch

    Where and When is your trusted dynamic duo


An email is fine, coffee is even better.


About me

Where am I?

Thanks to a place called 657 Oslo, I get to have the best of two worlds: freedom as well as a sense of belonging. This office, co-workingspace and part-time home provides me with nothing short of 180 of Norway’s finest craftsmen- and women within the communications industry. I guess you could call it an indie mastermind – it has the driving force of Norway’s largest communications agency, still, holding a high regard for the integrity of each individual. It’s called coworking, and I’d be happy to onboard one of those resources for your project.

Who am I?

I’m one of those restless freelancers craving new experiences, new aquaintances and new solutions. I am a text specialist, but thrive on thinking bigger. Creating ideas and concepts has almost become an ordinary thing for me, but I like them to be anything but ordinary. My resumé would say that I started out studying psychology and finished off with a copywriter's degree from Westerdals Oslo ACT. However, I am also shaped by meeting people, following my guts and exploring new ground. Even taking risks. You might say one of those risks were starting a communications agency when I was still in school. Being somewhere between the hungry artist and the hungry entrepreneur taught me hard lessons about both mindsets. Now I am all centered about text, and centered as a solo creator.

But why?

I am driven by exploring what makes people, services and brands tick, and I enjoy seeing if I can make them tick another way. A better way. I get inspired by meeting people with brave new ideas and goals. I find meaning when clients step forward with a true passion for what they do. Purpose – to me – is helping them build a sustainable system of communication or offering isolated deliveries. I believe in creating a chain of value for customers and customer's customers. My goal is to provide content and solutions with a memorable creative flavour. Any game can be changed if you establish a common wavelength with your audience, reaching both their hearts and minds.



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