About me

Where am I?

Thanks to a place called 657 Oslo, I get to have the best of two worlds: freedom as well as a sense of belonging. This office, co-workingspace and part-time home provides me with nothing short of 180 of Norway’s finest craftsmen- and women within the communications industry. I guess you could call it an indie mastermind – it has the driving force of Norway’s largest communications agency, still, holding a high regard for the integrity of each individual. It’s called coworking, and I’d be happy to onboard one of those resources for your project.

Who am I?

I’m one of those restless freelancers craving new experiences, new aquaintances and new solutions. I am a text specialist, but thrive on thinking bigger. Creating ideas and concepts has almost become an ordinary thing for me, but I like them to be anything but ordinary. My resumé would say that I started out studying psychology and finished off with a copywriter's degree from Westerdals Oslo ACT. However, I am also shaped by meeting people, following my guts and exploring new ground. Even taking risks. You might say one of those risks were starting a communications agency when I was still in school. Being somewhere between the hungry artist and the hungry entrepreneur taught me hard lessons about both mindsets. Now I am all centered about text, and centered as a solo creator.

But why?

I am driven by exploring what makes people, services and brands tick, and I enjoy seeing if I can make them tick another way. A better way. I get inspired by meeting people with brave new ideas and goals. I find meaning when clients step forward with a true passion for what they do. Purpose – to me – is helping them build a sustainable system of communication or offering isolated deliveries. I believe in creating a chain of value for customers and customer's customers. My goal is to provide content and solutions with a memorable creative flavour. Any game can be changed if you establish a common wavelength with your audience, reaching both their hearts and minds.